Harry Potter: Who Each Main Character Should Have Ended Up With

Svetlana Sterlin
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At the end of the last Harry Potter film, some of the characters have married to live happily ever after, but not all of the matches are ideal.

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is vast and populated with diverse characters from all walks of life. At the end of the last film, only a few couples are confirmed, while the fates of other characters are unknown. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are among those who have all married to live happily ever after, but not all of the matches are ideal.

Other characters don’t end up with anyone, either because they die too soon, or simply because they don’t have any romantic storylines in the series. Fans have their own opinions about which characters should have ended up with whom, but even these pairings aren’t always examples of healthy relationships. Some characters would be better off alone than in an unfulfilling relationship.

10. Ginny Weasley: Cho Chang

Ginny and Cho don’t share many scenes together where they aren’t part of a larger group, but these two women would easily find a lot to bond over — beginning with their relationship with Harry. Having both loved him and supported his cause, they can both be assured that they have similar values.

They may not be in the same Hogwarts house, but Ginny and Cho fought together in Dumbledore’s Army. In The Order Of The Phoenix, both girls get to show off their fighting skills and intelligence. Their matched intellect — as well as their relatively serious but still gentle demeanors — would make them a great couple.

9. Sirius Black: Remus Lupin (Or James Potter)

Of all the proposed Harry Potter spin-offs, a story about the Marauders is one that fans would most like to see. Sirius becomes close friends with James and Remus in his Hogwarts days — along with Peter Pettigrew, who later betrays them.

Sirius often speaks fondly of James and Remus, which has led some fans to theorize that there may be something romantic to the relationship. Of course, James ends up with Lily, and if they hadn’t married, Harry would never have been born. Lupin ends up with Tonks, but Sirius still seems to look back upon his Marauding days as the best of his life. This trio clearly had a lot of fun in their youth and already share a rapport, so Sirius could have easily ended up with either Remus or James.

8. Rubeus Hagrid: Olympe Maxime

Hagrid’s only love interest in the series is Madame Maxime of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Their relationship is short and sweet, but there’s no reason for it to end other than physical distance.

The moments they do share are wholesome and they clearly provide each other with comfort. There isn’t anything obviously problematic about their relationship, but it’s a shame Hagrid didn’t get to settle down in his hut with anyone. On the other hand, Maxime has a taste for luxury — although what matters most is that they care about each other.

7. Draco Malfoy: Dudley Dursley

Dudley and Draco are two of Harry’s worst enemies who aren’t Voldemort. Harry usually has the moral high ground over them, but both characters get something of an almost-redemption arc in their final moments onscreen.

For most of the series, both are entitled, superior, and somewhat cowardly boys who hide behind their fathers. They have a lot in common, and not just their bullying methods. When it comes down to it, it truly seems that both of these characters’ hearts are in the right place. Perhaps with a little more growth, and after seeing the war put things into perspective, they can sort out their priorities and morals. Having previously disliked and been jealous of Harry, they already have something to bond over.

6. Luna Lovegood: Neville Longbottom

Neville and Luna are one of the pairings that the Harry Potter franchise does get right. Though it’s not confirmed in the final film whether they remain together, they do share a sweet moment after the Battle of Hogwarts.

Clumsy Neville is the unexpected hero, and not just on one occasion. Similarly, Luna defies expectations and turns out to be a persistent fighter, and a key contributor to the destruction of the Horcruxes, particularly the Lost Diadem. Neville and Luna both have their heads in the clouds, which is probably why they’re drawn to each other when nobody else is.

5. Severus Snape: No One

Snape’s worrying obsession with Lily Potter should be reason enough for his solitude. Not only would he be too hung up on Lily to devote himself to any other romantic partner, but he also displays unhealthy behavior in all of his relationships. With Lily, he becomes possessive; with Harry, abusive; with Dumbledore and even Voldemort, he lacks independence and assertiveness.

Though Snape’s story is heartbreaking, he simply wouldn’t be a good partner for anyone — even Lily. For this reason, he would be better off alone. Snape could have lived a fulfilling life without a romantic partner had he not become so embittered by her rejection.

4. Dumbledore: No One

Though Dumbledore may appear afflicted, he never seems lonely. He’s a busy man who probably doesn’t have a lot of time for romance, and though his death may have been one of the saddest scenes in Harry Potter, he died having lived a full life. Dumbledore doesn’t need a romantic partner to feel complete; he has his work for that.

Living at a boarding school like Hogwarts leaves Dumbledore little time for a personal life. When he does have spare time, it seems he’s away on some mission or other. Dumbledore holds an influential position in the wizarding world, and with so much time dedicated to his important responsibilities, he’s fine on his own.

3. Voldemort: No One

Voldemort was right to end up alone. Nobody will truly miss him after his death, at least not on a personal or affectional level. He destroys everything he touches, and it’s easy to see that any romantic relationship he might have entered into would have been toxic.

Voldemort is also incapable of love, so his only reasons for being in a relationship would be transactional, or for his image. All in all, Voldemort should be avoided by everyone, whether romantically motivated or otherwise.

2. Ron Weasley: Seamus Finnigan

Though Ron ends up with Hermione in the final film, this may not be the ideal pairing. For one, these two are always fighting. A little bickering isn’t too harmful, which is why Ron might be better off with someone like Seamus. The two don’t share many scenes together, but they’re good friends.

They share the same dorm room along with Harry, Dean, and Neville. Seamus often dines with Ron and Harry in the Great Hall, and they share many classes together. Like Ron, Seamus is a firm supporter of Harry and his cause, but these two would also make a great pair because of their compatible personalities. They’re both goofy, adventurous, and optimistically carefree.

1. Harry Potter: Hermione Granger

Many fans aren’t convinced that Harry should have married Ginny; the pair don’t share much chemistry and their union seems forced. Harry shares a much more meaningful bond with Hermione, and these two seem far more loyal to each other than any other pairing in the series — especially when Ron leaves after a fight between the Golden Trio.

Hermione chooses Harry over and over throughout the series, even though she claims to love Ron. Though their love story is sweet, the reality is that their marriage might not be as happy and peaceful as it might’ve been with Harry. Hermione and Ron constantly argue and don’t share many of the same values. Harry and Hermione stick by each other at the hardest of times, which should count for something.

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